Peacock Breeding Readiness

It's spring, and the time that peafowl mate and and peahens lay eggs, so it's a great time to get them in good shape for the season. This page is especially for caged peahens, but the nutrition part is for all.

*Make extra calcium available for peahens- oyster shell is the most popular, but minerals are also in greens- broccoli, kale, spinach, mustard greens and other green leafies have this valuable mineral. Turkey and gamebird feeds have amounts of calcium, but I like to make oyster shell available if they want it.

*Making a nesting area if you have cages- make a sort of closet at one end, a very private area or corner, and have dry leaves and straw available for a nest, though I have seen them lay eggs right on the earth. Try to make it like the woods as much as possible, where a penhen setting just sort of disappears, so her nest won't be detected.

*Vitamins and electrolytes in water can be helpful: make it a lemonade color and give for a few days at a time.

*Worm before breeding season- those are very powerful chemicals.

*Give plenty of greens, fruit and vegetables in the breeding season, as well as a variety of treats. One is to give them some cockatiel treat mix; this has wonderful ingredients, and peahens seem really curious to see and nibble on them-pumpkin seeds, safflower seeds, dried split peas, little Cheeri-o type cereal bits, dried fruits and weird colored little things. Another fun thing is to dig up a clod of lawn - sod, and put it in the cage. It's like a real lawn, where they can graze!

*Try black sunflower seeds- my peahen loves these, and they contain omega oils and lots of vitamin E- which may stimulate breeding and eggs laying.

*Throw them some whole wheat bread crumbs, especially with some wheat germ oil on them, are also a vitamin E source, + the bran stimulates laying, I've been told.

*Make them a dusting area: in the cage, dig up some soil and add sand and sawdust. For free roaming birds, this means giving up your prize flower beds for dusting...

This is the Big time of year for peacocks- as we know, announced very loudly by the males- and peafowl need extra care and feeding to produce healthy babies- their mission in life.

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